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Our Quality Service Knows No Boundaries - Abating Today for a Healthier Tomorrow.

Our Company

We have the experience, expertise and equipment to handle all projects in-house, and we’re passionate about green demolition.


We provide full demolition and site remediation, interior dismantling, excavation, tank removals, site grading and more.

Waste Removal

We meet or exceed all industry and environmental standards related to hazardous waste removal, ensuring our work is done safely.

Vancouver Island’s Demolition & Waste Management Specialists

At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd, we do demolition, hazardous waste removal, asbestos abatement, salvage and much more. We’re based in Victoria and we are a fully in-house operation. That means we will manage your entire project, allowing us to control the quality and safety of our work. Our demolition experience ranges from selective interior and/or exterior demolition to the levelling of entire industrial and commercial complexes. We’ve been providing our demolition services throughout all of British Columbia as well as Western Canada. We approach our demolition projects with these aspects in mind:

Analyze and safely prepare structures for demolition

Give consideration to any adjacent structures or active projects

Coordinate tasks and schedule with our clients

Approaching every project with the utmost concern for safety and environmental impact

Industry Leaders in Environmentalism

At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd, we practice “Green Demolition.” This means all materials from a building must either be used again to create new structures, recycled into new products, or if unusable, disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Vancouver Island isn’t just where we do business, it’s our home, and we are fully committed to maintaining the unique and beautiful ecology of this land through our extensive environmental commitments.

So, whether you’re looking for mould removal or a full industrial demolition, call us today to schedule a free consultation.

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