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  • Demolition services in Victoria British Columbia & surrounding areas.
    Demolition Projects

    Taking a hammer to something seems like fun, all those popular home renovation shows always show the joy and excitement of the homeowner taking that important first swing. What they don’t show are the potential dangers and downfalls that a risk assessment of potential hazardous methods – like striking a water or electrical line, and realizing too late that it’s a supporting wall – messy and unnecessarily expensive.

    H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd provides demolition services in Victoria and the surrounding areas for projects ranging from small residential to large commercial and industrial projects. Through our years of professional efforts we’ve learned a few things - while demolition is typically fast and messy, it’s not mindless and uncomplicated – demolition requires a clear strategy to save significant time and financial repercussions later.

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  • Asbestos removal in Victoria British Columbia
    Asbestos and Your Health

    Knowing what we know today, it's hard to believe that asbestos was once such a popular building material. Unfortunately, before its many health risks were discovered, asbestos was extensively used in buildings for its insulating and fire retardant properties. Many of these buildings now require asbestos removal and abatement in Victoria by the experts at H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd in order to mitigate potential health hazards. If asbestos fibres are disturbed and inhaled, they can cause numerous cancerous and non-cancerous health conditions.

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  • 20/09/2017
    Safety Tips for Hazardous Waste Removal

    Our world is changing, driven by consumerism and if not careful, inundated by toxins the various processes that a contemporary society creates – it’s why proper disposal and recycling of all materials, especially those deemed toxic is no longer optional but critical.

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