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Mould on wall

Victoria Area Mould Abatement Services

Mould can appear wherever there is moisture, including wooden and carpet surfaces, even food. The best way to avoid mould is to prevent it in the first place by fixing water leaks and reducing moisture with proper ventilation. Health problems that have a connection with mould include allergic reactions, which are common. People with asthma are at greater risk of suffering negative health effects from mould.

While it is possible to remove mould on your own, experienced professionals like our team at H.L. Demolition & Waste Management have extensive knowledge and sophisticated tools to remove mould in Victoria-area properties in safer ways.

Where Can Mould Be Found?

Mould is a type of fungi and can be found on all types of surfaces. Mould reproduces by casting spores into the air. When spores land on a surface containing sufficient moisture, mould can grow and begin consuming the surface. Commercial buildings and schools are susceptible to mould, with portable structures such as trailers and classroom portables associated with higher risk.

You can prevent mould by ventilating bathrooms and kitchens with exhaust fans, promptly repairing plumbing leaks, cleaning and drying surfaces, and regularly inspecting areas (especially absorbent surfaces) for mould.

How Mould Affects Health

For most people, indoor mould will not cause significant health problems. However, allergic reactions to mould are common. Much like pollen allergies or hay fever, symptoms include sneezing, red eyes and rashes. People with asthma are at risk of having an asthma attack when mould is present. More severe health problems like difficulty breathing and fever can happen to people who are exposed to large quantities of mould, such as construction workers.

Safe Mould Abatement for Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver Island Area Properties

While there are ways to remove mould on your own, hiring a team of professionals is always a smart choice for your safety and wellbeing. Especially in larger commercial properties and schools, mould abatement can be a daunting task to do thoroughly and successfully. At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management, our team of professionals have the knowledge, training and equipment to handle mould problems properly. Contact us today if you need help with mould in the Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver Island area.


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