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Caring for Our Community and Our Environment is Our Commitment

H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd originated in 1985 and incorporated in 1996. From the conception of the company, we’ve been building a reputation on Vancouver Island for our uncompromising commitment to preserving our environment through environmentally conscious demolition practices.

We’re an industry leader in supporting and applying “green demolition” to all our projects whenever possible. To qualify as a green demolition project, all/most material from a building demolition must be used again to create new structures, recycled into new products, or disposed of in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, if non-recyclable or unusable. We’re experienced with the 3 R’s program (recycle, reduce and reuse) and Green Demolition Leeds Application.

Our History

Heath Langlois is the youngest of 4 children, born and raised in Esquimalt, a municipality of Victoria BC. At an early age it was clear Heath knew that demolition would be his niche. Beginning at age 4, he dismantled a stove after watching his father repair the element just the day before. Then, it wasn’t long before he was taking door knobs off, reorganizing tools in his father’s shop and removing deadbolts from the exterior doors, among other selective demolition much to the surprise of his father.

After his early childhood demolition, Heath started out in the industry at the age of 17 and the recycling policies started promptly by diverting as much product from the landfill for a win, win; the landfill would not become overburdened with materials and the business was making environmentally conscious decisions. These procedures and decisions has led H.L. Demolition to expand into a FULL in-house hazardous waste removal and demolition waste management company.


Our Policy

Our Quality Service Knows No Boundaries – Abating Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Our company policy is to build a solid foundation for future growth through quality service and a commitment to our clients. With this goal in mind, we offer an in-house training program that greatly reduces the need for sub-contractors. Although we do all our training in-house, our exams and certifications are handled externally to avoid any conflict of interest.

Our Team

Our dedicated team includes fully-trained, knowledgeable and experienced hazardous material teams, heavy equipment operators and demolition specialists. Our 28 full-time staff, as well as our on-call roster, have all completed comprehensive training, hold external certifications, and have a 10-year security clearance. Our roster includes 3 senior equipment operators, 2 certified operations trainers (for hands-on training for demolition and abatement), 2 licensed riggers, and 6 senior employees who specialize in hazardous waste material training.

To learn more about our company, or to acquire about our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.



We provide full demolition and site remediation, interior dismantling, excavation, tank removals, site grading and more.

Waste Removal

We meet or exceed all industry and environmental standards related to hazardous waste removal, ensuring our work is done safely.

Service Area

All of British Columbia
Vancouver Island
The Gulf Islands
Parts of Alberta

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