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Asbestos Abatement & Removal in Victoria and Vancouver Island

Whether you’re planning a renovation or simply need to demolish an entire building, asbestos abatement in Victoria, Nanaimo and North Vancouver Island is important to consider, especially if you are dealing with an older structure. 

First, you need to assess the risk of asbestos in the home or building you wish to renovate or demolish. A qualified inspection should be conducted to collect samples for a report. Next, depending on the results of the report, you may need to hire trained asbestos abatement workers who can perform the renovation or demolition you need safely and efficiently. At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd, we perform professional asbestos abatement and removal services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.  Call us for more information or to book an appointment with us today.

What Is Asbestos & What Are Its Risks?

Many building contain asbestos, which was often used as thermal system insulation, a fire retardant, and a variety of other uses. It was also occasionally “flocked” above false ceilings and in residential ceilings, such as popcorn ceilings and cottage cheese ceilings, until its production was banned in the mid-1980s. Often, asbestos may not pose a risk to most inhabitants or users of a building if the fibres don’t become dislodged or inhaled. However, some methods used in the past to apply asbestos (particularly flocking) allow asbestos fibres to gradually drop off into the air. This can pose a hazard to maintenance people who drill holes into walls for installation of cables and pipes, as asbestos has been proven to be highly carcinogenic.

Professional Asbestos Abatement and Removal from Victoria to Nanaimo and Beyond – Maintaining a Safe Environment

When hiring a professional for asbestos abatement in places like Victoria or Nanaimo, you get peace of mind knowing the project is handled with care. Our experienced team adheres to health and safety regulations to protect you, your employees and the workers handling the renovation or demolition. No corners will be cut when you turn to a licensed asbestos removal company. As well, hiring a professional means you don’t have to handle the job yourself, keeping yourself and your loved ones out of risk. 

Following stringent procedures in areas where asbestos may be present minimizes potential exposure. H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd staff has the expertise and equipment to fully comply with these detailed procedures to eliminate any risk to you.

Industry Leaders in Asbestos Abatement & Removal

At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd, all our staff are fully trained in the proper use of equipment and asbestos handling procedures. We even go so far as to have a shaving and grooming policy for all our staff - you need to have a clean face to ensure a proper seal on your safety mask. It’s these small details that set us apart as total professionals in asbestos abatement. We are constantly monitoring the progress of all of our projects to ensure that strict safety and containment procedures are followed.

We are fully equipped to handle all of your asbestos abatement projects in Victoria, Nanaimo and surrounding areas, from small to very large commercial and industrial contracts, so give us a call today!



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