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Waste Management Services in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo & North Vancouver Island

Not all demolition projects are simple ones. Sometimes H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd handles hazardous waste removal in Duncan, Victoria and the surrounding areas. Hazardous waste can be dangerous to not only people’s health, but the environment. At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd, we are always striving for a healthier tomorrow by supporting and applying “green demolition” and other related services whenever possible. This means that when it comes to hazardous waste removal Duncan, Victoria and other areas throughout British Columbia can depend on our team to follow all safety regulations and procedures as well as environmental standards.

Why Waste Removal in Victoria & Beyond Matters

Hazardous waste must be properly handled. If not, it could contaminate the air, water or even the ground. Discarding waste in landfills or down storm drains can cause health risks for the community and environment. Additionally, contamination can lead to a decrease in property value and expose your business to fines and lawsuits. When it comes to demolition and renovation projects, waste removal procedures should not be neglected. Instead, turn to H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd for professional waste removal in Victoria and the surrounding areas. From heavy manufacturing jobsites to offices, you can turn to our team for proper waste removal.

Different Kinds of Waste Management in Victoria and Surrounding Areas

Sometimes materials can’t be completely disposed of; instead, waste management in Victoria and surrounding areas has to be handled in a different way. For example, many hazardous waste materials (HAZMAT) can be recycled into new products. Think of lead-acid batteries or electronic circuit boards where the heavy metals can be recovered and used in many new products. Hazardous wastes can be found in many different states such as gaseous, solids or liquids. Because these wastes cannot be disposed of by common means like other by-products, various treatment and solidification processes may be required. Trust H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd to know which waste management procedures work best for your hazardous waste materials.

We Meet or Exceed Industry and Environmental Standards

At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management Ltd, we’re trained and compliant in all such processes. In fact, our company is the industry leader in ensuring that your project meets and exceeds the industry and environmental standards for hazardous waste disposal. We have successfully managed a variety of hazardous waste stream and specialize in the difficult to disposes of wastes.

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We have the experience, expertise and equipment to handle all projects in-house, and we’re passionate about green demolition.


We provide full demolition and site remediation, interior dismantling, excavation, tank removals, site grading and more.

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