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Peeling paint with lead

Lead Abatement on Vancouver Island

When it comes to lead abatement in Vancouver Island structures and spaces, it is important to the safety and wellbeing of everyone to let experienced professionals take care of the job. Lead is a hazardous substance that can lurk in a number of places, including paints, coatings and batteries. Common uses of lead include radiation shielding for X-rays and older television and computer screens.

If you work in an industry that exposes you to products containing lead such as radiators, plastics and powders, melting glass and more, you may be at risk of negative health effects. At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management, we have the tools and knowledge to safely perform lead abatement on Vancouver Island.

What is Lead?

Lead is a naturally occurring metal valued for its malleability and resistance to corrosion. There are two forms: organic and inorganic. Fortunately, organic lead is less of a worry in BC because we do not use leaded gasoline, but inorganic lead is still a concern. Some of the most common products that contain lead are paints (especially older paints), glazes, radiators and batteries.

Lead is usually not a danger when it is left intact, but if it is broken down (for example, if paint gets chipped or peeled), particles in fumes and dust can enter human bodies.

How is Lead Dangerous?

Lead particles enter human bodies through contact with contaminated items, such as chewing on a pencil or using a power tool to buff or sand materials containing lead.

Your body can flush lead out over time, but if you are exposed, it can quickly accumulate and cause health problems. Research has made connections between lead and anemia, reproductive problems, brain function issues and even cancer. Children are especially at risk.

Experienced Lead Abatement on Vancouver Island

Safe and successful lead abatement requires the right equipment, knowledge and training. At H.L. Demolition & Waste Management, our team has undergone rigorous hazardous material training and hold the relevant certifications. Our company is also dedicated to environmentally-responsible demolition. If you are in need of lead abatement in the Vancouver Island area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!


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